S. Wolf & Associates

S. Wolf & Associates is an insurance agency that specializes in working with non profits. We write all lines of property and casualty as well as employee benefits. S. Wolf & Associates believes the mission should be a non profits only concern. Contact us for insurance made simple.

Polly Kosyla

Polly graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston in 1977 with a degree in Psychology and Education. For 12 years, she worked with emotionally disturbed children at a variety of nonprofit organizations. As a result, she fully understands how nonprofits work and has developed strong relationships within the nonprofit community.

In 1988, Polly entered the insurance business working solely with nonprofits. She built her business over the last 25 years by working with Board Presidents, Executive Directors and CFO’s to craft insurance coverage that meets the needs of the organization at an affordable cost while developing deep relationships within the organization. Polly is committed to the sustainability of her clients and is involved with their fundraising campaigns. She currently works with over 300 nonprofits, both large and small, in Illinois as well as in 10 additional states. 



Charlie Kosyla
Vice President

Charlie comes to us from outside the insurance arena.  As the youngest agent at S. Wolf, he has the benefit of youth and vitality.  With his ability to approach prospecting and relationship building with fresh eyes, he will be an integral part of the growth of your nonprofit organization. 


Lester Palmiano
Account Executive

Lester's past experience has brought him to the benefits side of insurance. He looks to consult current and prospective clients with the latest technologies in software to help streamline HR processes. His past experience started at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange at 18. He continued his business and entrepreneurial passions by opening two small businesses - a Lakeview tea lounge, and a Lincoln Square dog day care. He was responsible for building these businesses from the ground up, creating business plans and strategies, managing, and transitioning them to new owners. He also served as Business Manager and VP of the nonprofit, local food advocate, Peterson Garden Project.

He's a passionate Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Hawks, and (occasional) Sox fan. He was a former DJ and still “spins” as a hobby that include some highlights such as Pandora’s Halloween party, PRIDE Parade, and still participates for the Children’s Museum Annual Family Snow Ball.


Jennifer Brown
Office Administrator

Jen has a background in Office Management and customer service and is an excellent resource for both Sales and Service. She is actively involved on an on-going basis with our clients and will be the consistent, in-house “human being on the phone.” We do not currently use a voice mail routing system and do not plan on adding one. 


Alex Kosyla

Enough said! 


Alex Averbach
Client Program Director

Alex is the heartbeat of S. Wolf, bringing together our mission to serve nonprofits with our business model in order to craft our branding and overall message to our clients and vendors. We are fully committed to the things we know our clients are committed to which include a sustainable environment, education and job training, support for children and families, an appreciation for the Arts and a helping hand for those who need it in any of a hundred different ways. We consider ourselves a part of the operational management team of our clients’ as well as benefactors to their on-going support and success. 

"Measure twice, cut once" -Alex Averbach


Stanley Kosyla
Property Assessor

Stanley Kosyla has been a general contractor and owner of AC construction for the past 25 years. Due to his extensive knowledge and expertise, he was brought on to S. Wolf and Associates to assist our nonprofit clients with risk management and property review.  He also assists with special projects through our Lend a Hand program.