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S. Wolf & Associates is an insurance agency that specializes in working with non profits. We write all lines of property and casualty as well as employee benefits. S. Wolf & Associates believes the mission should be a non profits only concern. Contact us for insurance made simple.

Happy New Year

Hello and happy New Year!

I welcome you to the S. Wolf Journal. As we begin 2016, there are a number of exciting things we want to share with you. With this, the first of a series of monthly journal topics written by our staff.  All topics are chosen by us in hopes of communicating important information about insurance and nonprofits. We hope that we will provide information that will be timely and useful while not boring you to death. We will make our communications brief and to the point.

S. Wolf Journal topics will range greatly as we try to tackle relevant issues. We invite ideas or concerns for topics as we would like to hear what interests you. We hope that our journal will help you to learn and to grow with us.   

 As you all know, I am always proud of my clients, but never more so than after this last year. You have all, in one way or another, felt the squeeze from the State budget crisis. I have never seen more flexible and creative tough mindedness than I saw in 2015. As we all go into 2016 with the same crisis looming, I know that you will continue to wake up every morning and help the clients you serve so well.

 Please know that S. Wolf is always fighting for you and working to bring you the best insurance solutions at the most affordable cost. We hope that our journal will add value to the service we already provide.

 In closing, we at S. Wolf wish you all a very healthy and happy 2016 and stand ready to help you in any way we can. Please stay tuned for our next letter.